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Friday, August 24, 2012

Plan for CCMA

Published in Letters to the Editors, Cape Cod Times

Plan for CCMA

As a former professor of strategic planning, and husband of
an honorary trustee of the Cape Cod Museum of Art, may I
observe that the museum has no possible "strategic plan" in
its present condition.  The museum has no fungible assets.
The building sits on land leased from the Raymond Moore
Foundation, which refuses to consider selling the land.

The art collection is not owned in the conventional sense.
Aside from a few purchased items, the paintings and
sculptures were donated by owners or their creators.  As
such, they cannot be sold or used as collateral for loans.

As a corporation, the museum only owns the building
itself which may not be used for any other purpose, according
to the terms of the land lease.  Thus the various proposals
recently bruited about to turn the museum in its present
location into a performing arts center may contravene the lease.

Elizabeth Ives Hunter was absolutely correct when she
stated many times that the museum had to be moved, to
be reestablished in a location more accessible to the
public.  This might be rented quarters, or space in an
existing arts complex.  So pack up and move may be
the only viable option.

Patrick Kimball
Yarmouth Port