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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Words at A Wedding

Three of my grandchildren
were married recently,
but I was not asked
to speak at the reception.

If I had been asked, 
I would have passed on
words of wisdom to each
of the happy couples.

First, to the groom:
Two simple words 
will keep the relationship
alive for the rest of your life.

They are simply, "Yes, dear."
Even if you do not agree
or wish to acquiesce,
let it play out her way.

To both the bride and groom,
never say the words
"You never" or "You always"
even if they are true.

You married someone 
whose ways attracted you.
You cannot now say,
"You're perfect, now change!"

Most of all, wherever you are,
never let a night pass
without saying "I love you"
before going to sleep.

Then He will keep watch over you,
give his angels charge of you,
as He shields the joyous, and
blesses your union forever.