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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Driver's License

I just renewed my driver's license,
Saying to the examiner as I left,
"Now I'm good until I'm ninety!"
A look of horror crossed her face.

Actually, renewing a license
In Massachusetts is a piece of cake.
With a clean record, you can
Renew online until you are 75.

After that, a visit to the office
To read the eye chart is required,
And, I suppose, to convince them
That you can walk and talk as well.

Every once in a while
An accident occurs due to
Faulty driving by an oldster,
Which prompts demands for reform.

After a bill to require
Stiffer examination of older people
Bounces around the state legislature,
It dies when the costs are estimated.

Massachusetts is a lenient state.
Often people with suspended licenses
Are pulled over for minor infractions,
Ticketed, then allowed to go on their way.

Anecdotal evidence has been offered
That teenagers are increasingly driving
Without permit or license, thus foregoing
The time-honored rite of passage.

I certainly plan to continue driving
Until I'm ninety (children, take notice).
With both lenses replaced in eye surgery,
I don't even need glasses to drive anymore!