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Friday, March 5, 2010

On Wisconsin

After six generations, we now enter the land of living memory.
Mary Moore, wife of Nehemiah Dean Kimball
Was born in 1795 in Maine, and died in Wisconsin in 1887.
Tante (Lillian Kimball Stewart) talked about her to me in 1943.

Mary was the pipe-smoking grandmother, and a trial to all.
Mary and Dean had eight children, one of whom died at age five
From scalding when she fell into a tub of boiling water.
Both Tante and my father related this tragic accident to me.

Dean Kimball was a cooper, lumberjack, sawyer and farmer.
He served in 1814 in the local militia
Which drove off a British landing party at Topsham.
Firing solid shot from a six-pounder, mounted on the bluff.

Lumbering was Dean's game, as well as for his sons.
When their leases ran out in Maine in 1849,
The entire family, save Sophia, moved to Neenah, Wisconsin
To take up lumbering in lands confiscated from the Indians.

Their third child, and second son, was Charles Dean Kimball.
Charles had little formal education but developed great woods sense
In the forests around his home in Skowhegan, Maine.
He and a Penobscot friend would spend days camped in the forest.

Other families moved from Maine to Wisconsin as
The railroad and the steamship made travel a matter of days.
Charles met Caroline Howe in Maine
And saw her again on her visit to relatives in Wisconsin.

When they married in 1857, Caroline had completed her studies
At Hampden Academy, comparable to a community college today.
When they traveled to Superior, Wisconsin, they bought items
Still in possession of the Kimball family today.

Charles was the "Pioneer of Old Superior" in a book
Written by his daughter, Lillian, and privately printed.
He had become a prospecting geologist, as well as
A surveyor and builder of roads in the new city of Superior.

Three children arrived in quick succession:
Charles William, Lillian Gertrude, and Mantheno.
Devastation struck when Charles drowned on a prospecting trip,
Leaving Carrie no choice but to move in with relatives in Oshkosh.

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