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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Facebook Revisited

Facebook is evil; that's what it is.
It purports to bring people together;
Instead it drives them apart
By glorifying the singularity of the individual.

One's profile presents a billboard
Of pseudo accomplishments as well as
Personal preferences that vary in tone from
From kitschy to smarmy to perverse.

Not only can a viewer not be sure
That whatever is posted is factual.
The possibility arises that a curriculum vitae
May be intentionally fanciful or entirely bogus.

Sex, age, and other personal data
May be deliberately false,
Designed to lure innocents
Into a labyrinth of specious promises.

At best, Facebook might be considered
A harmless exercise in narcissism.
But why should anyone care about
Another person's daily comings and goings?

The falsity of Facebook lies in the
Premise that a community can be organized
To further worthwhile ends
Devoid of personal contact among participants.

Such benificence doesn't happen.
The individual on Facebook listens only to oneself.
Sure that his/her activities generate interest
And admiration from his so-called friends.

Worse yet is the notion
That having someone as a Facebook friend
Entitles one to demand special favors
From persons they have never met.

Facebook should remain a plaything
Of tweens and silly game players.
Now also a medium of commercial promotion
And organizational aggrandizement.

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