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Monday, February 13, 2012

Venice Diaries II

Feb. 9

Looked at new cars at the local Kia dealer yesterday, then drove up to
Sarasota (20 miles) to see what was available. The Kia Soul was a gas,
but a bit too trendy for old folks. Success: A floor model Hyundai
Elantra Touring. Fire engine red. Who knew? At least, we won't miss
it in the parking lot. Drove it home after an all day round of financing,
insurance coverage, registration, piles of documents.

The Elantra Touring is a five door wagon with lots of room. The floor
model had features that B especially wanted, to wit, leather seats and
a moon roof. Besides, the controls are very similar to what she is
used to from her Hyundai that we traded in. Now we can begin our
Florida stay in earnest, without car worries. We had AAA service
three times, fortunately being able to stop in a safe place each time.

St. Mark's Episcopal Church is a joy, reminiscent of Christ Church,
Winnetka, with a large choir, lots of clergy, and over 200 people
at the service we attended (one of four). On Wednesday, we
went to the weekly parish dinner with about 125 unmistakable
Episcopalians. Haven't seen so many at once in a long time!

Feb 13

Another setback! Alarming symptoms sent me to the Venice Medical
Center on Saturday. Fortunately, hardly anyone was waiting, so I was
out promptly. A young, no-nonsense lady doctor said that they start
with the most obvious causes and proceed from there, a pattern with
which I heartily approve. It was a urinary tract infection, that Darcy
says responds quickly to antibiotics. Mom used to get it frequently.

So I felt well enough today to go up to Sarasota to deliver the title to
the old Hyundai, which Jesse had forwarded overnight from the Cape.
Then we drove to Holmes Beach, at the far north end of Long Boat
Key to see and buy art works by Barbara's brother-in-law and his
wife, returning to Sarasota to tour the Ringling Art Museum.

Some glimpses of small town life in Venice: A pasta dinner at the
Italian Club, along with hundreds of retirees. A quick dinner at
a hamburger emporium which was hosting the awards dinner for
the girls' basketball team from Venice High School. We clapped
at appropriate times, but forewent having a piece of the sheet cake.

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