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Friday, January 30, 2015

St. David's Update

Average Sunday Attendance at St. David's Church 
in South Yarmouth, MA, is 110 worshippers, 
including choir, clergy, ushers, children.  That 
compares to 150 in 2013, 

The stewardship drive topped out at 208K in pledges.
The goal of 220K is planned to be reached by public
fundraisers, such as a silent auction and a summer 
barbecue.  Plate offerings in the past averaged 15K.
The thrift shop and rental of Nelson Hall could 
bring in another 15K.

Thus an optimistic income of 250K would be 65K
short of a lean budget of 315K.  And the diocesan
assessment of 25K must be paid in full.  The 
amount needed to compensate a full-time rector, 
according to diocesan requirements, cannot be met
without substantial gifts, and/or significant 
withdrawal from the funds invested in the diocesan

St, David's suffers from a continuing decline in 
members, with no plan to attract new people.

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