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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

St. David's Update

At each of the services conducted at St. David's 
the senior warden made a solemn announcement:
The candidate for rector withdrew her
agreement to serve at our church.

There was something peculiar anyway 
in her not being able to join us until Advent.
One would think that by now she had made
her intentions known in her present situation.

One has to suspect that money is the consideration.
There has been no assurance from the vestry
that a full-time rector could be paid entirely
from ongoing sources of income.

Given the budget presented at the annual meeting,
a shortfall would have to be made up by raiding
the Diocesan Investment Trust for this year
and very possibly for years to come.

Then there is the very real problem of 
the high cost of living on Cape Cod,
particularly in the purchase or rental
of housing in a very tight market.

What happens next is up in the air.
There is talk of reconstituting the search 
committee with new members, assuming 
the present members are dispirited.

The congregation reacted calmly to the news.
It is as if they were already suspicious.
We may see a gradual departure of 
members who want permanence in their church.

The interim rector has served almost a year;
the former rector left in June of last year.
The situation calls for a diocesan appointment 
of a priest in charge as soon as possible.

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