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Friday, May 20, 2011

Ode To First Daughter

She was an adorable baby.
When her father came home from work,
He would scoop her up on his lap,
Bouncing, giggling, and squealing.

Early on, she realized that she was
Different from her two older brothers.
She could wear clothes that they didn't,
Especially her "nightgrown."

Memorable moments:  when she ran a
Very high fever while her mother was
Out with the two boys, and had
To be rushed to the doctor's office.

Then, when it was evident that her
Foot was rolling inward, she had
To be taken to the "piggy doctor"
For fitting a corrective shoe insert.

Keen competition from her brothers
In schoolwork brought out a
Methodical side to her nature that
Later became determined pursuit of her goals.

Exposed to good times with a privileged
Hippy element at summer camp, she fancied
Herself briefly as one of culture's rebels,
But that gave way to a common sense outlook.

From Scarsdale High to Wheaton College, Mass.,
She vowed never to marry a Harvard lawyer.
But of course, that's exactly what she did
While pursuing a retailing career at Macy's.

She excelled in the tasks of management there,
Which later found usefulness in raising a
Sterling group of three only children,
Inspiring them to be good, better, and best.

She is a paragon of a wife and mother
Amongst the baby boomer generation,
With years of service to her church.
(She escapes to the paradise of Cape Cod!)

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