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Friday, May 20, 2011

Ode to First Son

He was the baby who traveled, at six weeks,
From Fort Knox, KY to Bad Wildungen, Germany,
With stops in New Hartford, NY, and Brooklyn;
Harbingers of events in the future.

For three years, he had a nursemaid to care for him,
Gaining a brother in Frankfurt, Germany.
At Camp Pickett, VA, Santa Claus brought him
A pedal-driven jeep with B Company markings.

At age six, his parents made a binding decision
To enroll him in the public school,
Thereby cementing their determination
To leave Catholicism for the Episcopal Church.

Thereafter, they aimed at living
In towns with the best public schools.
So the better part of his education
Occurred in Winnetka, IL, and Scarsdale, NY.

Before his freshman year at New Trier High School,
He wanted to go out for football, but lacked
Twenty-five of the 150 pounds required.
So his mother found a local soccer team just forming.

That became a determining factor in his life.
He took to soccer as a natural talent.
Acquiring the nickname of Prancer for
The way he approached and kicked the ball.

His sports heros were international futbol stars.
So he went on to Hamilton College, NY,
To study economics and Spanish, which
Led him to a career in international finance.

Chance ... or the hand of God
Brought him to a Spanish language program
With a beautiful tutor from Brooklyn
Who became his wife and mother of two fine children!

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