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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Venice Diaries VI

Venice Diaries VI

Photos at: https://picasaweb.google.com/116843928190236062311/2012PatrickSFloridaTrip

Getting to jetBlue Park in Fort Myers was a breeze. About 60 miles south down I-75
to an exit near the airport, then a short drive to the park where legions of yellow jackets
waved us into parking. The new spring training facility for the Red Sox is a gem! This was
the first game to be played in the park. It is a small replica of Fenway Park on the field, including
the ricochet corners and the fabled Green Monster. The latter has "monster seats." Like Fenway,
the seating is very cramped -- not for the obese!

The Red Sox were playing a day-night doubleheader, first with Northeastern U., then
with Boston College. These are traditional games where the score is meaningless.
As expected, the Sox hit the Northeastern pitchers like batting practice. Only a few
of the starters were in the game we saw, namely Lester, Gonzales, Pedroia, Ellsbury,
and McDonald. Substitutes who were trying out for roster spots came in frequently.

It didn't matter to us what the outcome was, or who played. We just wanted to see
the new park, to sit in T-shirt and shorts on March third, to hear "Sweet Caroline"
on the PA system. Barbara has been wearing a surgical mask when outdoors to sift
out the pollen. Downtown Venice had a huge arts show today, so she looked like
a tsunami refugee as she toured the booths with Tippy and me in tow.

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