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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Venice Diaries VII

With Roger and Mariarosa Rockefeller (Barbara's brother-in-law)
we explored the Marie Shelby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota.
Situated on a spectacular point overlooking Sarasota Bay, the
house and its gardens became a major attraction years ago. The
house itself looks like Tara, and is now a museum.

Shelby Gardens specializes in tropical plants (no surprise) of
worldwide origins. A separate greenhouse contains an orchid
collection. On the grounds are hundreds of different species.
Most impressive were the banyan trees from Asia. Many visits
would be required to study them all. I liked the little
bonsai collection, too.

In the pictures below, you may get some impression of the
display. One photo is of banana trees with bunches of bananas
growing. That was a first; I had never seen a real banana
tree before, even when I was in Panama City, Panama in 1973.
Some of the large shrubs looked like they could grab you if
you got too close.


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