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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Church Analysis

Church Analysis

Analysis of the spreadsheet, “Church Statistics”

The spreadsheet is a compilation of bar graph charts available at http://pr.dfms.org/study.
The figures contained therein were supplied by each church annually.

All the ten Episcopal churches on Cape Cod have a clergyperson listed as “rector.”

The minimum compensation required for a full-time rector by the Episcopal Diocese of 
Massachusetts is 100K per year, which is composed of salary, health insurance, and pension contribution.  

Therefore, it is doubtful that the three churches at the bottom are paying, or could pay that
amount to their rectors.  Some other arrangement must be in force.

Based on the operating costs of St. David’s, about 180K per year is required for staff,
utilities, and maintenance at most churches. The bottom three are well below.

Churches five through seven have insufficient funds, also, and must rely on withdrawals from
endowed funds to achieve a balanced budget of 280K per year.

Churches one through four should be operating in the black, so long as the annual collections
continue at the 2013 level.

Levels of attendance have held steady for the past five years, with some ups and downs
during periods of transition in leadership. Trends vary for collections.

Reported levels of membership are grossly inflated in the underlying documents.  To be
accurate, they must be pruned of deceased, departed, and disaffected members.

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