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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bicycle on Cape Cod

Ride a bicycle on Cape Cod.
It is the most friendly bicycle area
you're ever going to find.
From Woods Hole, or Bourne,
to Provincetown
A continuum of bicycle routes
traverses Cape Cod.

Some routes are on dedicated bicycle trails.
Some are on back roads, or a combination of both.
Most important, the terrain is flat.
Well, maybe a little hilly in some spots.

Locals are good about sharing the road with bicyclists.
Tourists are most often bicycle riders themselves.
Wear a helmet; wear bright-colored clothing.
Ride single file to the right, on all roads and trails.

If you live on Cape Cod, buy a good road bike.
Don't even think about mountain biking.
There are no mountains on Cape Cod;
The few dirt paths are deeply rutted, and illegal.

If you rent a bicyle, rent a helmet, too.
Have the seat adjusted to fit your frame.
Families should only ride bicycle trails.
Never pull a kiddie cart on a road.

Plan where you're going, see:


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