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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Red Sox Nation

Being a Red Sox fan is belonging to a religion.
One may be born to it, or converted.
Fans don't just live in New England;
You see them in grandstands wherever the Red Sox play.

Headlines of obituaries often contain, Red Sox Fan.
No adjective is necessary; one is always fanatical.
Some old-timers lived just past the oh-four world series;
Saw the team win for the first time since nineteen-eighteen.

No matter who wears the uniform; he has to be a team player.
If he's not, get rid of him.
A prima donna must change, or be changed,
To an ardent supporter of his teammates' efforts.

It takes more than local pride to root for the Red Sox.
Conversations following a game day begin with a critique
of yesterday's results.
We all know what the speaker is talking about;
We started the day reviewing the box score.

When the Red Sox win, our day is off on the right foot.
When they lose, we are philosophical.
For St. Paul wrote in his letter to the Romans,
Suffering builds character, and character brings hope.

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