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Sunday, July 26, 2009


A demigod stumbles;
Icarus flies too near the sun.
Deep seated problems are intractable.
Support begins to crumble.

You cannot rob the rich to save the poor.
Even Robin Hood could not convince the nobles.
Our nobles are upper middle class professionals,
Or semi affluent retirees; they all vote.

You cannot take away what people already have,
Or hit them with a tax on benefits they now enjoy.
Benefits go with the job; that is the bargain.
Otherwise, their wages would have to be a lot more.

You cannot tell the old folks that you are limiting care,
That they will just have to check out sooner.
You cannot cure cancer and heart disease
With weight loss programs.

Medical care will always be distributed unevenly.
The down and out will always be with us.
King Canute could not command the waves.
Nor politicians achieve equality of outcome.

There is still room for charity at the local level,
Where charity should always begin.
Let the support bubble up from the bottom,
And health care for all will be closer.

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