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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tie Wall

Do you know what a tie wall is? Neither did I.
It is a retaining wall composed of interlaced railroad ties.
Installing or replacing a tie wall seems to be a lost art.
Finding someone skilled in doing so is a challenge.

Given the economic conditions of homeowners,
Landscapers are desperate for business.
So they express interest in performing work
That they don't really know how to do.

We have a tie wall, next to the driveway, that has collapsed.
Phone calls to some landscapers went unanswered.
Some have looked at the job, then were not heard from again.
A few quoted a price, but did not describe what they would do.

We received deep lectures from the knowledgeable,
Who did not exactly agree with one another.
Personalities ranged from the servant of the rich,
To the scaggy workman who would himself get down and dirty.

Most charming was the little brown Brazilian,
Who spoke very little English.
We were concerned that he might vanish in the middle of the job,
And be unreachable thereafter.

We accepted a bid, and received a reply:
Hi, Barbara, you will love the results,
Bobby is phenomonal (sic) at rr tie wall.
Thanks, Jen.

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