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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sarah Palin

A fire which cannot be contained.
Ambition burning within a beautiful exterior.
An infuriator of educated women, who say
She should not be allowed to be what she is.

Politician, straight shooter,
Too close to God, too close to the people.
She sees the reality of our lives,
And tells us we should manage ourselves.

Sarah is a danger to the glitterati, the cognoscenti,
And all other shades of hypocrites.
The people are not fooled by empty promises
That cannot be fulfilled without fearful cost.

Think of all the the public figures
Who were ridiculed when they emerged.
They said things can be done that others gave up on.
Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush.

Ignored as simpletons for proclaiming simple goals.
And vilified for achieving them.
Get out of the way, Sarah Palin is at large.
An extraordinary talent is about to be unleashed!

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