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Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Visit to Tuscany - Arezzo

The hot days send us to pool.
The commune unravels for a time,
Then reassembles on a schedule of tasks.
Sightseeing trips are organized into separate parties.

We have seen the Castelo in Poppi,
Barbara to the Uffizzi in Firenze,
Patrick to the mountain monastery of Camaldoli,
We escape together for a train trip to Arezzo.

Inspecting the art in all the churches,
Puzzling over Marian worship in Annunziata,
Sitting in the Vasari loggia,
Awestruck at the decorative paintings in his house.
Lunch at Buca di Francesco,
Where we dined with the Smiths in 2000.

Unable to find a taxi from Poppi to return to Borgo,
A kind lady in her Alimentari calls one.
A little gnome chauffeurs us to the festa in Borgo.
We walk through a lengthy mercato and art show
to the villa.

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