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Monday, August 10, 2009

A Visit to Tuscany - Return

Nadia drove us expertly to the airport in Florence,
Where we waited twice in line to check bags.
The airport is too small to take them early.
Had lunch at a ratty little snack bar.

In Paris, we rode a bus to another terminal,
Went through passport check and security again,
Waited in line forty minutes to board a huge Airbus,
Then spent seven hours crammed into a tiny space.

Welcomed to the bureaucratic horrors
Of returning to our native country,
We waited forty-five minutes in line
For a passport check, whatever that was.

Next time we travel overseas, if we do,
I will put Barbara in a wheelchair
To avoid having her stand and walk so much,
And also ace the waiting lines.

Fortunately, we were spared the indignity
Of a baggage search, at four in the morning.
Then we proceeded to the Boston Airport Hilton
For a much-needed return to civilization.

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