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Monday, August 10, 2009

A Visit to Tuscany - Problem and Disasters

The expense of the whole trip was unknown to us
Until the penultimate week before our visit.
Our British leader had remained incommunicado,
Pleading stress on the job and lack of time.

If we had known the total, we would never have gone.
We were charged for two rooms which we really did
not need.
Insult was added to injury with nuisance charges for
gas and elecricity.
Fortunately, the group expenses for food were
managed agreeably.

When I complained about the noise, we were removed
To the penthouse suite, a more felicitous location.
Thereupon I accepted graciously the added expense,
As we could retreat early for quiet and sleep.

Thus we missed the uproar when the fridge
Shorted out and blew out all the lights.
And also missed the late night tantrums, when whoever
Was denied whatever he or she wanted at the moment.

Hardest for us was to be at the mercy of others
For transportation to all venues, save Arezzo.
Stuffed into the rear seat of a van,
We saw more of banks and supermarkets than we
cared to.

The final dinner at a ristorante in Poppi was a
ghastly affair.
At our end of the table, everyone acted out
Until we could stand it no more,
And left the table to view the lights in the surrounding

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