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Friday, March 18, 2011

Cape Cod Trails Conference

Life member of the Appalachian Mountain Club,
Founder of the Mohican Chapter of the ADK,
Scaler of 4000 footers all over the Northeast,
Veteran back pack and hike leader,

He retired to Cape Cod in 1993 at age 65.
Immediately looking for local hikes and hiking groups,
He found them both in the Eastham Hiking Club, and
The local chapter of AMC.

They showed him walks all over Cape Cod,
Using unmarked trails unknown to visitors and most residents.
When he asked them how others could follow their routes,
They showed some reluctance to share their treasures.

Sometime in 1995, when the world wide web became popular,
He had the idea to put descriptions of hikes on Cape Cod
On the internet, under the banner of an organization that
He called the Cape Cod Trails Conference.

Finding a pro bono host for the website on C4.net,
He scouted and posted thirty long walks of 8 to 10 miles.
He began bicycling with Nauset Newcomers in 1994,
Posting thirty bicycle routes on a nested page.

He copyrighted the Long Walks to protect them
From appropriation by commercial sites.
But the material on the website he gave to the public,
To download, print, and use in exploring Cape Cod.

He drew sketch maps for the Long Walks,
And later used a Magellan mapping GPS
To plot way points on topographical maps,
Accompanying detailed descriptions of each hike.

When open heart surgery forced him to stop
Leading the long walks, he began tailoring some
Into short walks of four to five miles,
Listing these in a separate nest of web pages.

Age and an irregular heartbeat finally forced him
To discontinue participating in group hikes,
No longer able to check the accuracy of his creations,
He began searching for a person or group to replace him.

Last Tuesday, March 15, 2011, he met with
Three stalwart members of Nauset Newcomers,
Who were each former leaders of the bicycle group.
They agreed to take over the Cape Cod Trails Conference.

One person has become the webmaster;
The others will be major contributors to the bicycle routes.
The hiking portion may be delegated to other persons,
And perhaps result in a separate website.

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