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Sunday, March 6, 2011


They considered moving to two areas in New York,
Both in Westchester County, north of the city.
The choices narrowed to Scarsdale and Larchmont,
For the reputation of their public schools.

Larchmont would have required commuting on the
New Haven Line, which was then having operating difficulties.
Scarsdale seemed to have the edge on education,
And the commute was a 35 minute express ride to the city.

They first rented a big barn of a house opposite
The Episcopal church, St. James the Less,
And then bought a big Tudor home on the Post Road,
Settling the kids in high school and junior high.

The Scarsdale schools provided such a good preparation
That all three older children who graduated from the high school
Had no difficulty with the demands of the Eastern colleges they attended.
They had survived the challenging Scarsdale environment without damage.

Their parents found lifelong friends at St. James,
Plunging into its activities, and leading a busy social life.
They joined a tennis and swim club in Rye, on Long Island Sound.
She was admitted to a special group of volunteers at the Women's Club.

When the third child was in high school
She went to work for a local department store,
First in the gift shop, then in interior design,
Selling custom-made draperies and slip covers to the gentry.

Altogether, they were in Scarsdale for nine years.
Then, his job circumstances required reducing expenses,
And the property taxes were becoming prohibitive,
So they sold the house and settled far out in the country.

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