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Monday, September 8, 2014

Budget Crisis at St. David's

Budget Crisis at St. David's

January 6, 2009

The intent of these entries is not to derogate the good people
And their efforts at St. David's Episcopal Church.
As previously reported, the survival of the parish
Is severely handicapped by the environment in which it functions.

Now, again, a budget crisis looms,
Despite a recent every member canvass,
The pledged amount for 2010 falls critically
Short of a proposed budget.

The budget itself is patently inadequate.
The new rector agreed to a truncated contract.
Compensation of the paid staff is unconscionable;
Outreach and improvements depend on dedicated funds.

Week by week the Sunday attendance falls.
Old folks go to their heavenly reward
And are not replaced by contributing newcomers.
Fewer hands are able to work in vital functions.

Again, the old feasible solutions are liquidation
Of perhaps merger with a more affluent parish.
It won't happen, the mindset of those in charge
Is simply to ride to gradual extinction.

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