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Monday, September 8, 2014

Survival Plan for St. David's

Survival Plan for St. David's

February 27, 2009

1. Agree that withdrawal of funds from the Diocesan Investment trust is folly at this time.

2. Examine the trend of pledges and plate income for the past five years to ascertain prospects for improvement.

3. St. David's IS 100% outreach in that we provide a splendid venue for worship, and a caring community of believers.

4. Declare a moratorium on donations of funds to outside agencies, including the Diocesan assessment.  Theoretically, the Diocese could declare us "out of communion," and employ the Dennis Canon to seize the property.  Practically, that would be bad for all parties concerned.

5. Upon termination of our contract with the co-interim co-rectors, function without appointed clergy.  Employ supply priests or possibly a nominal "priest-in-charge" who only conducts services.

6. Explore opportunities for regional cooperation on Cape Cod among Episcopal parishes to accomplish administrative economies.

7. Raise up lay ministers to the level of part-time clergy who visit the hospitals and the housebound, conduct morning and evening prayer services, and lead religious study.

8.  Organize a vigorous evangelism campaign to attract new members based on a dramatic differentiation from neighboring churches.

9.  Terminate the day school, and other secular uses of our facilities to save expenses.

10.  Hire a full time manager to oversee all the office and building activities, including the supervision of out-sourced functions.

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