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Monday, September 8, 2014

Planning the Future of St. David's

Planning the Future of St. David's

May 16, 2010

Directory Listings: 2002 - 354, 2006 - 349, 2010 - 226.
Looks like the bottom dropped out!
Partially explained by 33 deaths/funerals/burials in 2009.
Average Sunday Attendance: 40-50 at 8, 80-90 at 10 (ushers' counts),
Including everyone but school age children.
Pledging Units: 130 to 140 at last report.

A fact never discussed at St. David's
Is the meltdown that the parent denomination is suffering.
Whilst arguments are constantly made about the merits of its actions,
The results have been an accelerating decline in membership,
By abandonment and separation.

St. David's is not insulated from a perfect storm of negative factors:
(1). Nationwide disinterest in attending church services,
(2). Oversupply of churches on Cape Cod,
(3). Aging demographics of the local population,
(4). Visible contention of theological views by competing Anglican churches.
Ignoring these conditions means losing control over the future of St. David's.

The existential question is:  "Is St. David's worth saving?"
If St. David's continues on its present course, It will be defunct by 2014.
The Diocese of Massachusetts has no interest in shoring up a dying parish.
Bishop Shaw extolled the combination of four parishes in New Bedford.

Growth, even survival of St. David's depends on
Dramatic differentiation of what we do from other churches;
Perhaps even a new identification of service that can attract
People to join us in its accomplishment.

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